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Phil McKee, founder of Ovention, Inc., is one of the most prolific inventors in the appliance industry. In 1991 he introduced a major change in commercial cooking when he pioneered the Accelerated Cooking (combination hot air and microwave) sector.

Mr. McKee holds numerous patents in diverse areas of the foodservice and appliance industries, ranging from cooking to restaurant operations to warewashing. His inventions are used around the globe, benefiting more than 200 million consumers.

In 2007 Mr. McKee returned to the Accelerated Cooking sector with the development of the Planar Plume cooking technology, which won the National Restaurant Association’s prestigious Kitchen Innovations Award in 2012.

In early 2011, McKee and his team turned their creative energy toward traditional (non-microwave) cooking. Ovention®, the revolutionary next generation of commercial ovens, is a result of that effort.

The Ovention Matchbox oven, developed by Mr. McKee won the NRA’s Kitchen Innovations Award in 2012. The Ovention Shuttle, his next creation, won the Kitchen Innovations Award in 2013.

The integrity and reliability of products developed by the Ovention team is legendary, and the innovation led by Mr. McKee continues to raise the bar higher and higher.

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