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Fryer - Table Top

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Pantheon PF111 Fryer
Single 11 Litre Fryer  PF111 Hard-working, plug-in 11 litre single basket fryer..
Pantheon PF112 Fryer
Double 2 x 11 Litre Fryer  PF112 Hard-working, plug-in 2 x 11 litre single bask..
Pantheon PF61 Fryer
Single 6 Litre Fryer  PF61 Hard-working, plug-in 6 litre single basket fryer. &n..
Pantheon PF62 Fryer
Double 2 x 6 Litre Fryer  PF62 Hard-working, plug-in 2 x 6 litre double basket fryer..
Pantheon PFT81 Fryer - with drain tap
Single Basket 8 Litre Fryer with Tap  PFT81 Medium capacity hardworking plug-in frye..
Pantheon PFT82 Fryer - with drain taps
Double Basket Fryer with Taps  PFT82 Large capacity hardworking plug-in fryer with t..
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