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Meiko -DV 120.2

Meiko -DV 120.2
Brand: Meiko
Product Code: Meiko -DV 120.2
Dimension (L x W x H): 750.00 mm x 635.00 mm x 1470.00 mm
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DV 120.2

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General information

Wash technology conveys success

An outstanding pass-through machine with efficient, flowing work steps for plates, cups, and cutlery, for example, but also a high-performance machine for kitchen equipment, pots and pans, etc.

A star with three leading roles:

MEIKO DV 120.2 with three different wash pump levels for optimum wash power regulation depending on the wash ware and level of dirt.

DV 120.2 Collage in blau

Care programme = Level I 
- e.g. for coffee cups, saucers, etc.

Intensive programme = Level II 
- for dinner plates, cutlery etc.

Power programme = Level III
- for kitchen equipment, pots and pans etc.

Infrared technology guarantees first-class service

MIKE controlled

The most innovative control technology available today for warewashers! 

In connection with the intelligent “M-Commander W”, data can now be easily read, defined, changed, transferred via PC, and forwarded online to the plant or customer service for immediate processing. This offers customers considerable maintenance benefits in terms of time, effort, and costs.

New and useful features under the cover

Laugenfiltersystem Aktiv Plus

Exemplary advantages of the “Point Two” generation:

  • Cover insulated with double wall
  • CrNi wash and rinse system from above and below
  • Deep-drawn wash tank with just 22 litre capacity
  • “Aktiv-Plus” drain filter system – excellent cleaning results thanks to tank water filtered several times
  • Optional: With integrated "AktivClean" water softener
  • Installation with connection set (water, waste water, and electricity)
  • Smooth, easy-to-clean inside walls
Installation mit Anschluss-Set
  • Fully electronic program flow with clear push-button display and infrared interface
  • Self-cleaning program
  • Aqua-stop system with floor trough
  • Extremely high operating reliability thanks to automatic leak control
  • Pressure-boost pump
  • Comfortable use thanks to CrNi bow all round

EWS-Technology for lowest water consumption and lowest operating costs.

Flexible set-up and loading options

DV 80.2 mit Sortierstation
The ideal construction of the MEIKO pass-through machines offers practically unlimited set-up variants, be it with the straight-line pass-through model or the space-saving corner version. For maximum effectiveness of your washing organisation, we offer numerous additional table versions from our table range, from a simple flat table right through to complete ware clearing stations with integrated glass washer.

Technical Data

  Width   635 mm
  Depth   750 mm
  Height   1470 mm
  Total height with opened hood   1965 mm
  Entry height   440 mm
  Basket dimensions   500 x 500 mm
  Cycles *   60/90/210 sec
  Theoretic basket capacities   60/40/17/h
  Pump motor   1,5 kW
  Tank content       22 litres
  Final rinse   2,6 litres/basket
  Tank heating   1,3 kW
Built-in boiler
  10°C inlet temperature   9 kW
  45°-60°C inlet temperature   7,5 kW
Total connected load for three phase current 3NPE 400V-50Hz
  10°C inlet temperature   11,9 kW
  45°-60°C inlet temperature   10,4 kW
Type of protection
  Type of protection   IPX5 

* If the appliance is connected to the cold water supply and / or at a short basket exchange time, the time necessary to reach hygienic rinsing temperatures can be extended.

EWS-technology of the Premium Class


This technology is based on the consistent realisation of the advantages of the MEIKO ActivPlus drain filter technology, the excellent effectiveness of which provides the suds with a previously unknown level of "purity". Only 2.6 liters of fresh water are now needed per wash cycle to achieve first-class results.


In this example, up to 18,000 liters of fresh water can thus be saved each year.

Other advantages: 

  • Reduced heating energy consumption
  • Reduced use of detergent
  • Reduced use of rinse aid
  • Shorter cycles = higher basket capacity

You can save so much money and energy with EWS if your use falls within the following parameters:


Cycles/day: 50 hours

Work days/year: 300

Dosing of detergent: 3 g/l

Dosing of rinse aid: 0.3 g/l

Fresh water: 15° C


MEIKO EWS Technology

... "other" Dishwashing machines

Final rinse water quantities l/basket

2.6 2.8 3.2 3.5 3.8

Costs for dishwashing per year

752 810 925 1.012 1.099

Additional charges €

- 58 173 260 347

Difference €

- 8% 23% 35% 46%

Difference in € with a maturity of 10 years

- 578 1.735 2.602 3.470

The MEIKO EWS technology works like this
EWS-Grafik 1+2

1. Water continuously flows through large sieve holes into the fine filter system. It is suctioned out again to the wash pump through this very fine filter.



2. Thanks to the permanent suction, dirt particles adhere to the fine filter on the inside. Thus, small dirt particles are filtered out of the suds during the wash cycle.

EWS Grafik 3+4

3. The drain pump already starts to suction out water during the wash cycle. "Loose" dirt particles are pumped out directly. When the wash pump is then stopped, the counter-suction detaches the dirt from the filter sieve and the drain pump suctions it out into the drain.

4. During the subsequent rinse cycle, 2.6 liters of fresh water are added to the 2.6 liters of water pumped out in this process. This extremely low quantity of final rinse water is only possible thanks to the perfect filtering of the wash water described above – with this process, hardly any dirt particles remain to be rinsed off the dishes.

Dishwashers of the Premium Class with EWS-technology

- FV 40.2

- DV 80.2

- DV 120.2

- DV 125.2

- DV 200.2 (2 x 2.6 l / Cycle)

- DV 200.2 PW (2 x 2.6 l / Cycle)

- FV 60.2 (3.7 l / basket)

- DV 125.2 (3.2 l/basket)

Air gap

WRC approved class ’A’ air gap with booster pump.
Complies with all local water authority byelaws.


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