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Meiko - Ecostar Dishwasher ECO530

Meiko - Ecostar Dishwasher ECO530
Brand: Meiko
Product Code: Meiko - Ecostar Dishwasher ECO530
Dimension (L x W x H): 650.00 mm x 600.00 mm x 820.00 mm
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ECO530 dishwasher

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450 Dinner plates per hour
Basket size 500 mm x 500 mm
Passing height of 320 mm
Available 230/50/1 ph or 400/50/3 ph
Size: 600 x 650 x 820-850 mm
Integral water softener
Machine constructed throughout in 304 (1.4301) high grade stainless steel, and with full external stainless steel cladding. Additional features include pressed tank with large radius coved corners, double wall construction for excellent sound and heat insulation, and sloped internal upper wash tank surfaces.
Capacity (per hour)
50ºC hot fill 3 phase (6.55 kW) 25 racks
50ºC hot fill 1 phase (4.55 kW) 25 racks
10ºC cold fill 3 phase (6.55 kW 25 racks
10ºC cold fill 1 phase (4.55 kW 17 racks
No air gap incorporated, water connection from storage only


Provided with the following features:

  • 140 second programme cycle
  • Suitable for a hot or cold fill
  • Detergent dosing pump with container
  • Rinse aid dosing pump with container
  • Drain pump for high level waste outlet
  • Soft start feature on wash pump motor
  • Wash and rinse system from above and below
  • Hose and cable connection kit supplied
  • Touch sensitive control (no switches)
  • 1 phase or 3 phase connection can be selected at time of machine installation
  • Two (2) finger type plate racks
  • One (1) open type cup/bowl rack
  • Two (2) eight compartment cutlery racks
  • Self cleaning cycle following drain down
  • Wash pump rating 0.55 kW


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