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Meiko - K-Tronic rack transport range

Meiko - K-Tronic rack transport range
Brand: Meiko
Product Code: Meiko - K-Tronic rack transport range
Dimension (L x W x H): 0.00 mm x 0.00 mm x 0.00 mm
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K-Tronic - NEW: with Low - Energy - Management - (catch-peg transport)

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The new generation of K-Tronic basket transport machine from MEIKO insures efficiency on one hand for the employer and a lighter work load for the employee on the other. Every model of this range shows a clear step into the future, with advantages that have been developed through systematic rationalisation.
With a range of 10 machines capable of a troughput of 105-225 baskets per hour or 1890-4050 plates for hour, all with multiple options available. So the machine you need is built to your individual requirements.

Not only can MEIKO customers expect to use the appliance satisfactorily even in 15 years time, but they should also be able to utilise fully the numerous advantages that are incorporated within the basket system.

 In all cases of

  •  a continous operation within fluctuating load factors
  •  a varied type and size of dish and small items
  •  limited working space

the basket transport machine is the ideal solution.

The reason for this lies in a series of achievements that are both constructal and conceptual. MEIKO basket transport machines make exceptionally good use of floor space, and the intelligent design and construction methods leads to:

  • First class wash performance
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Ensured hygiene
  • Maximum economy
  • Improved working conditions
  • Environmental control

In conclusion, these advantages bring technical, economical, and ecological confidence now and in the future-striking advantages of the MEIKO quality profile.

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