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Scotsman ice machine - EF103 Easyfit Self Contained Ice Flaker

Scotsman ice machine - EF103 Easyfit Self Contained Ice Flaker
Scotsman ice machine - EF103 Easyfit Self Contained Ice Flaker
Brand: Scotsman
Product Code: Scotsman - EF103
Weight: 66.00 kg
Dimension (L x W x H): 622.00 mm x 592.00 mm x 1006.00 mm
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Price: £2,277.60

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Flake Ice is ice in its most natural shape. Extruded at a temperature just below zero degrees it contains 25% residual water content, making it very moist. Scotsman flaked ice suits a variety of applications, including fisheries, laboratories and industry.
Scotsman self-contained flake ice maker, grade 304 stainless steel, electronic controls, waste water pump

Flake Ice Image
Scotsman - Easyfit Self Contained Ice Flaker: EF103

Dimensions (mm): 1006(h) (+120 with legs) x 592(w) x 622(d)
Max. production/24hrs: 105 kg
Bin Capacity: 30 kg
Weight: 66 kg
Water Consumption/24h (A): 75 L
Water Consumption/24h (W): 590 L
Voltage Options: 230/50/1
Electricity Consumption: 11 kWh
Fuse / CB Rating (amps): 13 amps


Access and Installation
Delivery Access Access to the 'position for use' must give sufficient space for manoeuvring, so that the new unit is not squashed squeezed or scraped etc. past other items, including parts of the building. The delivery team will not carry (off the ground) the new unit being delivered nor will they transfer this new item to another floor via stairs, lifts or via cranes or HIABs.
Position Guide If the 'position for use', is not, as detailed in the first sentence of the 'Delivery Access' tab, then the item will be signed over to the customers representative, before 'positioning for use', and from that point onwards, becomes entirely the customers responsibility. Any damage caused due to installing the item by the customers representatives, staff or contractors will be, from the signing over point, their liability, and any insurance to cover this liability is entirely the responsibility and risk of the customer, as the owner of the new unit.
Connections Services required should be within 1 meters of the new units 'position for use'. If the new unit is single phase check that your electrical supply will support the load in addition to your existing equipment and that a suitable socket is within the 1 metre distance. (This must not be immediately under any water or waste connections) If the new unit is a three phase item please ensure that the property has three phase available onsite and a breaker box is installed within the 1 metre distance. Water supply must be to the new units pressure requirements and temperature range. Waste water - a drain must be within the 1 metre distance that drains away effectively and consistently that can handle the throughput of the new units supply speed.
Model EF124
Technical Data
Controls Electronic Controls
Finish Stainless Steel and Plastic
Ice Flaker
Legs Yes
Performance 120Kgs per 24 hours
Warranty 2 Years Parts and Labour
Waste Built in Pump
Water Usage 91 Litres per 24 hours
AMPS Fuse / CB Rating (amps) 13amp plug
Capacity 40kg storage bin
Dimensions (mm) 915(h) x 950(w) x 605(d)
Voltage 230-240v - 50hz - single phase
Declaration Specifications subject to change without notice.
Kw 17.3 kwh
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