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Details for warranties are displayed under the ‘Specification’ or ‘Description’ tab for each item for sale and may be displayed as a graphic on the description tab. The warranties offered are from the ‘Manufacturer’ or ‘UK agent’ and any extended cover must be purchased at the time of equipment purchase. If you see the red asterisk in the ‘Available Options’ against any item then you are required to make a choice and select that choice to continue with the purchase.

To extend the warranty, where offered, click on the circular ‘radio button’, under the ‘Available Options’ heading, beside the required term or type. If you do not wish to extend the warranty please click on the uppermost ‘radio button’ which will not have an additional cost beside it.

PLEASE NOTE: some warranties offered will be ‘parts only’ and will marked as such, others will be ‘parts and labour’ but each part of this may have a different term and will be displayed as such.

If you can not find the details under the above please contact us on 07976 262914 or email for guarantee details by request along with the requested item code to

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