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Winterhalter - Water Treatment Accessories: DuoMatik

Winterhalter - Water Treatment Accessories: DuoMatik
Brand: Winterhalter
Product Code: Winterhalter - DuoMatik
Dimension (L x W x H): 360.00 mm x 500.00 mm x 790.00 mm
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DuoMatik Water Softener 1 Year Warranty

Base Exchange Water Softeners

Removing the calcium and magnesium ions from hard water prevents the build-up of these materials in the machine and on the dishes. Regeneration of the ion exchanger is performed with an electrical timer in the MonoMatik, and in the DuoMatik it is automatically triggered depending on the water hardness and water usage. The regeneration periods are set during installation. The operator simply refills the regeneration salt dispenser. Water softeners are delivered with all legally required water safety systems.


  • Automatic softener
  • Cabinet type
  • Fibre glass cartridge
  • High density plastic container
  • Water feed must not exceed 50°BC
  • Flexible armoured hose fitted
  • Continuous operation
  • Mobile
  • Capacity between regeneration: n/a
  • No electric supply required
  • Dimensions: 360 (w) x 500 (d) x 790 (h)

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